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5 Best Graphic Designing Tricks for 2020 that Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

The primary characteristic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is that the techniques and strategies that dominate its fore need to keep evolving and changing to keep up with the metrics of Google. Google is the smartest search engine that there is and for good enough reasons. It continually upgrades its rubrics so that users can have the best experience. Therefore, as competent SEO analysts, you must be able to keep in tandem with the ever-changing metrics of Google and devise your strategies that would fit the bill. Speaking of the best SEO hacks that can help a website rank on the SERPs, the design and layout of a website serve to play a pivotal role. However, you cannot hope to design your blog or a website with ideas from yore. Just like every other SEO technique, your designing must also suit the metrics of Google and follow the trend of the time. In this vein, we have thus, come up with an article that aims to bring your attention towards the five best designing trends of 2020 that can help you stay ahead in the race and help you find a decent ranking on the SERPs.

Opt for Custom-Tailored Typography:

SEO and Typography

Gone are the times when designers would have to choose from the narrow selection of prefixed typography. Technology has evolved and bestowed upon us the gift of innovation, and now designers can custom-tailor the typography according to their needs. However, this also means that you have to be careful about your choices. You need to understand the niche that you are working in so that you can slice through the competition and target your audience better. Take the help of experts, like that of SEO Advantage, if need be. The folks of the SEO agency can help you with your project at a minimal cost. You have to go for the kind of typography that can attract the desired eyeballs and keep the users glued on to the website. For instance, if you are targeting users for a brand that deals with high-end technology, you might want to go for a typography that is more sleek and edgy.

Consider Experimenting with Bold Colors and Design

Bold color and design
Colors always work well in grabbing the attention of your desired audience when used appropriately. This is also what forms the crux of color psychology. The turn of the decade provides quite some space for designers to experiment with bold colors and abstract designs that would challenge the brains of the audience and get their creative juices to flow. Therefore, if you want the right exposure for your website, it is perhaps time that you dared to experiment.

Go for Individual Branding:

Stay focus

It is 2020, and you cannot hope to thrive in a market with a simple logo. Simplicity might win some races for you, but you must ace the art of minimalism. Graphic designers must thus, seek to provide more personalization to the brands they are working for lest their website might just get lost amidst a hoard of others. And focusing on brand identity is not only limited to the business websites. Graphic designers must try to bring some level of personalization to their business videos, business cards and social media handles. These are a few ways to create more online presence and attract the right attention.

Infuse Art With Design:

Infuse Art With Design

Art never fails to serve the greater purpose. And it does not require much of special mention that graphic designers are artists. 2020 looks like a great time where designers can infuse art with their designing ideas to being something exceptionally new to the table. You might want to ditch your technologically advanced computers to automate designs for you. Take up the task manually and draw out the outline of the elements that you think would look good on the website or the blog. You can then use your graphic designing tools to bring the project to fruition. Blending art and design together to redo a few elements of your website can work wonders.

Think Out-of-the-Box:

Think Out-of-the-Box

Templates were invented to make the work for graphic designers easier. But they have also led to website layouts and designs being produced in bulk. Choosing a template from the choices you have might work until a point, but that is only going to throw you in the same rat-race and add nothing fresh to your project. Therefore, try thinking out-of-the-box and choose the canvas approach if you are to stay ahead of the curve.

Final Words:

Search Engine Optimization demands you to come up with techniques that can add value to a user’s search experience and thus, spur Google into elevating your website’s ranking. Therefore, it is imperative that you approach the domain in the right way and deal with your project in a way that shall conform to Google’s rubrics.

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