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Mobile Design Trends 2013 Flat And Minimal

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The brand new approach in web plan today, which is becoming very popular, is the flat configuration approach. Flat portrays a 2D plan...

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Big Deal: DXThemes: 50+ WP Themes and Responsive Templates – only $27

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As a developer, I love WordPress, because not only I’m using,  the most fantastic thing about WordPress is its very simple and...

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Modern trends: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive and Flat design

Articles • 9 Comments

Because of the phenomenal ascent in the utilization of versatile apparatuses, we are seeing a surge of sites that are intended to deal...

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What are the Benefits of HTML5 and CSS3

Articles • 7 Comments

HTML5 is the most recent edition of Hypertext Markup Language. It is at present not supported by all browsers. Only a few browsers...

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Freelance Web Designers are Best for Individual Projects

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It has been realized that acting as a ...

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Beauty of Flat Designing and Its Advantages

Articles • 10 Comments

Image based designing is turning out to be very popular these days. Actually through your website, you are mirroring your business to...

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All about Twitter Bootstrap and Web Design

Web Design • 4 Comments

Bootstrap from Twitter has started like a missile from the time when it was released before a year. The...

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Important things concerning The Site Slinger


Whether you are a designer, a developer or you have a small business, you should definitely learn more about The Site Slinger. These...

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Best Mobile App Designs for an Awesome Reading Experience


Reading is a good exercise for the brain. And when it is long hours in travel or workplace with nothing to do, reading is certainly the...

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Flat UI Design – Rejuvenating the Look of Electronic Devices

Articles • 3 Comments

From the latest app to the most clutter-free websites, this design has had resurgence of late. It has brought along with it, amazing...

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