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9 Web Designing Styles that Appear to be Fading in 2014

The flourishing web technology and Internet offers incredible benefits that aren’t just helping businesses to generate greater returns but has also provided users a more powerful and secure medium, which helps them accomplish their task with greater convenience.

Indubitably, web technology has evolved as a boon to innumerable businesses. Nowadays, a significant online presence can help businesses, organizations and individuals do wonders and excel in their field. There are several factors that affect your online presence and one of the major factor is your website design. Thus, it is imperative for a web designer to follow the updated and trendy web designs.

However, it is quite hard to stay updated with the ever fluctuating web trends, but one must keep track of the designing trends that are unlikely to be seen again and thus, these should be strictly avoided. Here is a list of web designs that will be doomed in 2014.

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Design #1. Flash Intros

flash intro trend outdated on websites

Today, flash intros can be only found on some outdated websites. Since, users now expect lesser surprises and more control over a website, this designing style is proved to be an annoying one. They not only add to the page loading time, but

  • are not even supported on Apple mobile devices – so, you can loose your potential viewers and customers.
  • are not recognizable by Google – thus, it’s not SEO friendly.

Hence, designers should avoid this style and rather follow some simple and clean designs.

Design #2. Multiple Fonts

font and typography for websites

A website often features readable content, typography plays an essential role in website designing. Where choosing an appropriate font and style can beautify the visual appearance of your site, implementing diversified multiple fonts can spoil the entire look and feel of a site. It is advisable to restrict to minimum numbers of fonts to create a simple yet attractive appeal.

Design #3. Extraneous Content

Web page with full of content

One of the biggest issues that need to disappear and can be observed on several websites is beside-the-point content. This irrelevancy has to be removed, since no one wants to browse a site boasting too much content on a single page. Not just texts but also think about the worthless feature unnecessarily filling your site, for instance, you can check whether your website demands a search bar or not and then add it accordingly.

It’s advisable to always add stuff that makes sense, don’t add features that look cool, but are useless to your site.

Design #4. Logos with script fonts inscribed in a circle

Logos with script fonts inscribed in a circle

Earlier, circular script logos were thought to be a cool and elite choice; it features properly outlined and filled title and monogram. But since, it became too common that many individuals and businesses opted this design, now, this outdated design has to be replaced with some improved and innovative style. There are chances that this design will rejuvenate in the future, but it’s better to leave it for now and go with something unique and creative.

Design #5. Unwanted Popups

Unwanted Popups

This is a mobile era, where almost everything is moving towards responsiveness to facilitates users with access ease and to reach wider audience base. You might have observed automated popups while browsing some site or shopping online, isn’t it annoying?

These unwanted popups generally features instructional videos or some flashing advertisements. You can place the how-to videos on the home page, if you really want to showcase one, instead of creating a popup window.

Design #6. Stock Photos

Stock photos for websites

Unique and distinguishable online identity is more preferred and is a viable option. Personalizing a site as per individual’s requirement and an adding authentic look is vitally important for any website. Using innovative and self-customized photos on a site will create a genuine and brand effect on the visitors. Since, nowadays viewers are more interested in interacting with brands and in understanding their core functionalities, one must insert images that better translate their business values and services.

On contrary using stock photos on website epitomize a fake appearance, because there might exist some other company sites, boasting the same stock image as yours. Some of the best alternatives that designers are following for better design styles are:

  • Including video backgrounds that represent something specific to the business.
  • Displaying their team photograph on the home page.

Design #7. Videos playing automatically

For the folks, who want to build a rapport among their site visitors, you must avoid those autoplay videos, which unnecessarily force viewers to interact with your content and brand name. Instead try to add quality content and attractive visuals in minimalist design with convenient navigation that can help engage potential visitors.

Design #8. Boasting homepage with sliding banners

There was an era of the huge banner-type homepage that unveils the chunk of resourceful information in an attractive and appealing format within a few sliding banners. It epitomizes the wealth of data and information clearly, however, viewers often get annoyed due to its distracting banners. This is why a majority of viewers love to access less gaudy and extensively interactive designs; and for this reason simple drop down menus and single page scrolling is in trend.

Design #9. Sidebars

viewers often don’t pay attention to the items on the sidebar

It has been observed that websites contribute a chunk of their web page space to the sidebars. They either use it for showcasing their products and services or promoting advertisements of others. While the latter is necessary, your viewers often don’t pay attention to the items on the sidebar, which may be some products or simply some links to the other blogs on your site (so, all those webmasters who include sections like an editors’ pick or most read on the sidebar, it’s hardly serving a purpose).

Wrapping Up:

You can design an effective website, by knowing that what is not required on your site and what can affect your online presence. Try to avoid the above mentioned design styles that are observed to be dying out fast, and create an updated website that appears trendy enough to attract visitor’s interests.

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